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A wedding, pre-wedding and fashion photographer based in New Delhi.

Welcome to The Cinema, where every frame tells a story. We're passionate about capturing moments that matter, turning ordinary scenes into extraordinary memories.

With our team of skilled photographers and cutting-edge technology, we strive to deliver stunning visuals that leave a lasting impression.Welcome to a world of timeless beauty and unparalleled expertise. Welcome to The Cinema.

The Cinema.


Recent Weddings

Wedding in Delhi
Jebin & Maria

Two hearts unite as Jebin and Maria embark on their forever journey together.

Nishant and Priya
Pre-Wedding in Goa

In the vibrant hues of Goa, Nishant and Priya's love blossoms, painting the perfect prelude to their wedding.

Wedding in Delhi
Rahul & Sneha

Amidst joyous melodies and heartfelt vows, Rahul and Sneha begin their eternal tale of love and togetherness.